Welcome to LMJ Beauty Bar,  retailer of professional, high-quality, reliable hairdressing and beauty supplies. We offer the most incredible value on salon supplies, and our unbeatable prices are just the start. Whether you’re a regular customer looking for good quality skincare and hair care products or a professional hairstylist, salon owner, this is the place for you.

Our hand-picked collection of products can add luxury and beauty to your everyday life. All of our products are curated to feature eco-conscious, well-crafted innovation. LMJ beauty bar is the perfect store to explore incredible and impressive skincare, styling, body-care, and grooming accessories for all cultures, ages, and genders. We’ve everything that you’ll need. From hair products used for cleansing, conditioning, moisturizing, and styling for men, women, and children to make-up products, exclusive body soaps and lotions, nail care, skincare, styling, and grooming tools accessories.

At LMJ Beauty Bar, we take skin, hair, and body care seriously and much thought goes into each product and its listing. Our mission is to meet the multi-cultural needs of our customers by offering them unlimited alternative beauty options. We envision providing an authentic multi-cultural beauty experience to the beauty and skincare community.

From inspiring people to make healthier choices to encouraging the beauty of self-confidence, the beauty of optimism, and taking care of each other, we as a brand are devoted to a brighter and beautiful tomorrow for everyone.

Meet the Founders

LMJ Beauty Bar is a family-owned business created by the founders who envisioned a beauty supply and services entity that genuinely caters to everyone.

The founders are Albert Langhorn, the family’s patriarch, the husband and wife team, Joseph and Tamika McPhatter, and sister Tonya Jackson. Albert Langhorn is the father of twin sisters Tonya and Tamika. We wanted to create a family business whose name represents each generational level of our family. The business ideas and creativity are strengthened by the founders’ contributions, their spouses (Terrence Jackson), and children (Nekaybah McPhatter, Briana McPhatter, Erin McPhatter, Tehrence Jackson, Amir Jackson).

Tamika McPhatter and Tonya Jackson possess a bachelor’s degree in accounting and are successful in their careers. Joseph McPhatter is a registered nurse who has a history of owning and managing a business, with a master’s degree in nursing management and leadership. The daughter, Briana McPhatter, is a licensed cosmetologist in the state of Maryland.


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